Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Help create some fast strategy

One of our committee members, Mark Earls, is participating in a Fast Strategy conference in London on Monday 28th.  They will be given a brief to answer that day by the Central Office of Information (the UK Government's communications 'client').  
Mark has assembled a crack group of planners - Jon Leach (of HHCL fame), Chris Forrest (ex DFGW and now of the excellent research company The Nursery) and Ian Tait (of Poke (and the crackunit blog)) to work on the brief as the P4G Allstars.  BUT THEY WANT YOUR HELP.
Mark wants to demonstrate the power of P4G by involving any of us with internet access (and favorable time zones) to contribute to the the thinking.  Here's the deal.
Next Monday, 10amBST brief posted on wiki site; responses by 12pm (noon) at the latest.  Mark and the team will present at 2pm BST.
Please try and contribute - it will be fun and a great demonstration of the power of P4G at work.
If you're interested please email  and/or keep an eye on our facebook page.

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ad person said...

Can you provide a good definition of the differences between Account Planning and Communication Planning? I hear that Communication Planning is the New Account Planning but I'm not sure that CP has superceded AP.