Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Planning for Good Presentation to UNICEF

Here's the deck

There are 3 ideas UNICEF want to action ASAP.

Unwanted Presents- PFG London and Denver

Coin Jar- PFG Los Angeles

Snowflake- PFG Sydney

If anyone has access to some digital resources that could help us execute, please let me know.


Shek said...

Think it's possible to have Local Leaders upload their group's presentations here?

It would be a great learning tool for everyone.

Lee Henshaw said...


I was part of the London team.

We're chuffed.

I've just let Mark know that we - we being the online ad agency Silence - could manage it. I could get some of it done for cost, and apply a bit of seasonal arm twisting and get some of it done for free.